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1. User Accounts and Registration

2. How to find products

3. BFP Process

4. Place a Registration of Interest (ROI) 

User Accounts

You must have a user account to be able to view the products listed in this site. There are two ways this can occur.

1. New User - Self Registration
1. SELECT "Login/Register" from the menu bar

2. You will be presented with the login screen.

SELECT "Sign Up"

3. Populate the form with your first name, last name, email address and a password of your choosing.

SELECT "Activate Account"

4. Complete the Re-Captcha action and when complete

SELECT "Submit"

 Your account needs to be verified by the BFP team before access will be granted. If we are unable to verify your access, we will email you seeking more information to complete this process. 

You will receive a system generated email when this is complete. 

2. New User by Invitation

If you are a world bank employee or we have your details on record, we may create an account on your behalf and invite you to access the ditigal catalog. If we do this you will receive a system generated email as follows: 


SELECT "Activate your Account", whereupon you will be taken to the BFP Covid Response Digital Catalog website

ENTER a password of your choosing and CLICK "Activate Account"

or if you do not wish to activate your account CLICK "Decline Invitation" and take no further action.

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Searching for Products

There are a number of ways to view or search for products. 

View the Catalog

To look at all products SELECT "View The Catalog" from the menu bar. This will open a page with the listing the available products by product category referred to as Collections.

The number of items in the brackets is the number of base products and any related consumables or accessories available. .   

SELECT the desired Collection.

Product Type

Alternate pathway to view a desired collection


If you are interested in viewing all products from a particular supplier, select from the dropdown menu

Filter By

When viewing a group of products you will also be presented with a filter menu covering as applicable product type, product category, brands, country and price.  

Selecting any one or more of the filters will refine the list of products meeting those criteria. 


If you only wish to view products available to a particular country, then select it from the drop down menu.

Search function

In addition to the options referred above, the digital offer summary also provides an elastic search function. This allows you to search the entire site using any word (or part word) to refine the list.

This is particularly helpful when you seek to search using word combinations.

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The BFP Process

If you are interested in procuring any of the products presented on this site, the following process shall apply:

(a) Ensure you have signed a BFP letter with The World Bank. 

(b) Select the quantity of the products and applicable variants (if any) and associated accessories or consumables you are interested in procuring and add them to your basket.

(c) Complete the checkout process and enter the requested details in the displayed form (including the delivery destination so the supplier can advise shipping costs/CIP or CPT prices, your country’s accepted contract signing protocols (e.g. e-signature, scanned signature, etc., and the authorized contact details (if not yourself)) 

(d) Following submission of your registration of interest, you will receive a system generated email (to the email account used to access the product catalog) listing the products you have selected.

(e) The World Bank BFP team will work with the relevant supplier(s) to confirm the lead times and final pricing including the cost of inspection, freight and insurance (as applicable) and present a draft agreement for your consideration.

(f) If the final offer is acceptable to you, you will complete the missing details in the agreement (such as contact details and authorized signatories), execute the agreement and email this to the BFP relationship lead and the supplier for counter execution to initiate the order fulfilment process in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Note: The terms of the agreement are not negotiable.

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Create a Registration of Interest

Once you have completed your due diligence and you are interested in creating a Registration of Interest (ROI) to receive a contracted offer for further consideration and execution.  

Select your Products

Hint: This can be done at any time. Selected products will added to your shopping cart, which can be updated before checking out. 

When you view a product you may be presented with

  • a number of consumables and/or consumables and
  • Different price variants.


To add a variant to the order, select the checkbox and enter a quantity in the adjacent box. Repeat until all selections have been made.

Note: the quantities added are independent of the quantity at the bottom shown next to the product price.

If the product has a variant, select the dropdown to view and select the preferred option. This product will change according to the selection made. 


When all selections have been made SELECT "Add to Cart".

You will be taken to your shopping cart. You can continue browse and add further products to your cart and when complete SELECT "Check Out" to finalise the process.

Complete the form with your applicable details and SELECT "Submit your Registration:


You will receive an email confirming your submission. The BFP team will followup to the contact details provided with a draft contract and firm pricing for your consideration. 

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